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Twenty - forty minute interviews with accomplished authors, publishers, biblio people, conducted by an excitable bibliophile.

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Dr. Don Nichol is an English Professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. He has been researching copyright law and its role in the history of writing and publishing for more than a decade. He is the author of Pope’s Literary Legacy, published by the Oxford Bibliographical Society in 1992, and editor, more recently, of The New Foundling Hospital for Wit 1768-1773, a three-volume set containing enhanced facsimiles of some of the 18th-century’s most popular and salacious English satire.

Nothing too salacious here, unfortunately, but we do have a rollicking good talk about 18th Century booksellers and authors, the Copyright Act of 1710, the famous Pope, Gay, Johnson, and Boswell, and less famous: Andrew Miller, and my new hero, Alexander Donaldson, a Warren Buffet of his time. Here’s a short article covering similar ground written by Ivan Muzychka. Don is currently working on a new book on the history of copyright, tentatively titled ‘The Original Murphy’s Law,’ has to work out copyright issues before he can firm this up :) Periodically you’ll hear what sounds like an earthquake rumbling in the background…this is nothing more than a soft atlantic cross breeze warfting through Don’s corner (yes, he’s made it) office in the Arts building where the interview was conducted.

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Fran Durako is owner of the Kelmscott Bookshop in Baltimore, Maryland. We talk here about her love of William Morris, fine printing and victorian book illustration, the transition from book collector to seller, and art as a ‘positive necessity of life if we are to live as nature meant us to.’ Copyright © 2006 by Nigel Beale

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Novelist and acclaimed critic David Gilmour was born in London, Ontario in 1949. His first novel, Back on Tuesday, was published in 1986, followed by How Boys See Girls in 1991 and An Affair with the Moon in 1993. Lost Between Houses, published in 1999, was nominated for the Trillium Book Award. Sparrow Nights, his fifth novel, was published by Random House to rave reviews. His latest novel, A Perfect Night to Go to China, won Canada’s 2005 Governor General’s Award for Fiction. I met with him in the foyer of the Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa the morning after he received his award from the Governor General at Rideau Hall.

We talk about winning it, sex, suicide, kids, the perfect woman, wearing spandex at discos and the fact that for him, conquering for women and affirmation are not the same thing. He is a candid, funny, sensitive man worth listening to. Hope the background Christmas carols, and what sounds like a flock of little tweety birds, aren’t too distracting…

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